• Faber 18L Steel Tank with Boot & DIN/K Valve

Faber 18L Steel Tank with Boot & DIN/K Valve (FREE SHIPPING)

$639.00 $870.00


This 18L Steel Tank with Boot & DIN/K Valve is made by Faber, the leading European manufacturer of scuba diving cylinders. They produce their steel tanks according to a very high international standard.

The 18l volume tank is Faber’s largest steel cylinder and offers you an incredible volume of air to last and last on your next dive. If you normally go through your air in minutes, then you want to make sure to take plenty with you underwater to enjoy longer dives. Due to the tank’s size, it may not be suitable for smaller divers.

The valve reg connection incorporates a threaded insert. This means it can be used for both Yoke (INT) and DIN connection. The tank will be delivered with an elastic boot, so you can store the tank upright and also to protect your pool floor from contact with the steel tank. 


  • Fill pressure: 232 bar (3365 psi)
  • Valve: Standard DIN/K
  • Capacity: 18l
  • Weight: 22.4kg (49.4lb)
  • Dimensions: 71.5 x 20.4cm (28.1 x 8”)

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