• Edge Epic Cold (Sealed)

Edge Epic Cold (Sealed)

$449.00 $495.00


The Edge Epic regulator system is a low profile balanced diapraghm regulator set, with an environmental sealing system to keep water from entering the first stage. This allows the regulator to be used safely in extremely cold water, without the risk of it freezing up and starting to free flow.

The Epic first stage is constructed from satin finished trivalent chrome plated brass and has 4 LP ports and 2 HP ports.

The Epic second stage is pneumatically balanced for effortless breathing with a chrome plated brass air barrel which retains heat and moisture in cold waters. It has a soft silicone front cover for ease of purging and a knob to adjust breathing resistance and a venturi on/off control.

The regulator comes complete with:
- 71cm (28") Edgeflex hose
- Chrome plated swivel to reduce jaw fatigue and hose pull
- Black/blue composite silicone softbite mouthpiece

Weight: 1.21kg
Service Kits: EDG0359 (1st Stage) + HOG0238 (2nd Stage)

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