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Divesoft Silencer

$55.00 $61.00


Tired of that excruciating sound ringing in your ears all day as you drain residual gasses from old tanks? Anyone who has ever drained residuals of an old breathing mixture knows how hard it is to keep the hiss of gas to a tolerable level even when draining pretty slowly. The Divesoft silencer is designed to keep this problem from your mind, and ears! Attach the silencer to your tank valve and drain air from your tank within minutes. 

This handy device will efficiently lower the sound to a bearable level, you’ll even be able to have a conversation near the tanks whilst you’re filling- imagine that! A piece of kit you’ll never look back on purchasing, in fact you’ll wonder how you ever managed before!  


  • Allows you to drain your tanks within minutes 
  • Lowers sound to a tolerable level 
  • Protects your ears when spending multiple hours in the filling room

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