• Divesoft Oxygen Sensor 22S

Divesoft Oxygen Sensor 22S

$135.00 $140.00


The Divesoft Oxygen Sensor 22S is primarily designed to be a spare part for the Divesoft Analyser, however it can be used for other tools also. Featuring an oxygen range of 0-100% and a sensor accuracy of ± 1% under constant temperature and pressure, it is a highly reliable spare part offering optimum safety and accuracy. Pop one inside your spare parts kit to avoid a filling station meltdown when one of your O2 sensors conveniently needs replacing on your busiest day of the year- as always seems to be the case! 


  • Divesoft Analyser spare part
  • Can be used as a spare part also for other appliances
  • Type 22S / Three pin Molex Connector
  • 0-100% Oxygen range 
  • ± 1% sensor accuracy

*Sensor is not suitable for rebreathers!

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