• Divesoft Freedom Advanced Bottom Timer

Divesoft Freedom Advanced Bottom Timer

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The Freedom Advanced Bottom Timer was designed to meet the specific requirements of technical divers using ratio deco for decompression calculations. Built with strength and resilience in mind, the Freedom Advanced Bottom Timer has an operational depth of 300m, but it’s robust heavy-duty aluminum case has been tested even to depths as deep as 600m! The full colour, clear  TFT display with extra large digits means that poor visibility isn’t going to set you back, even without a mask on you can read everything you need to know- the Freedom Advanced Bottom Timer was designed to ensure absolute safety even in extreme circumstances.  With a dive profile that is visible in real time during the dive, that is recorded to the device’s logbook, and can be downloaded to your computer mobile phone with the USB, you can analyze your profiles in great detail post dive.

Other handy features include an adjustable brightness setting, a reverse display and a simple two button control, for extra ease and comfort whilst down below. With a rechargeable USB connection battery, updatable software, and free firmware updates you can be sure to keep your dive computer up to date with the latest technology without having to splash out on expensive maintenance costs. The Freedom Advanced Bottom timer is a highly intelligent piece of kit designed to withstand extreme environments with its robust design and with a simple easy to read display for additional comfort. Divesoft have even thrown some games into the package for those hefty decompression stops!


  • Full colour TFT display
  • Three screens displayed during the dive (Including graphical dive profile)
  • Reversible display to be used on left or right hand
  • Adjustable brightness
  • High precision depth sensor operational to 300m
  • Simple two button control
  • Games for decompression time
  • Upgradable software and free firmware updates
  • Rechargable Li-Ion Battery
  • Bungee wrist mount or strap options
  • Log dives in the cloud or offline
  • Stopwatch
  • Vibrational alarms strong enough for a drysuit 


  • Freedom Advanced Bottom Timer
  • USB Charger
  • Attachment Bungee
  • Fastening Strap for wetsuit or drysuit
  • Silicon Protective Sleeve

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