• Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Case
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Detail
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Charger
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Connecting Hose
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Measuring Cables
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Ohmetr
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Port and O-Rings
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Professional Flow Limiter
  • Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set Volumetr

Divesoft Analyser He/O2 Blender Max Set

$1,699.00 $1,710.00


The Professional Set Blender Max is the ultimate all in one gas blending kit for divers and filling stations who are preparing Nitrox and Trimix gas blends.  You’ve got the  Divesoft Analyser HE/02 featuring patented speed of sound technology presented in an invincible Peli Case, accompanied by all of the tools and gadgets you’ll ever need to blend gasses with optimum precision and accuracy with ease. 

Kit contents: 

#8312 Analyser He/O2
#3491 Transport Case / Analyser (Red or Black)
#8021 Professional Flow Limiter
#8009 Connecting Hose
#8018 Ohmmetr
#8017 Voltmetr
#8014 Measuring Cables
#8019 Spare Parts
#3134 USB 2.0 "AB" Cable

Divesoft Analyser HE/02 

Designed to offer you a variety of features for ease of use and optimum filling station set-up alongside its highly reliable gas readings for ultimate accuracy, the Divesoft Analyser HE/02 features warning alarms, an inbuilt gas calculator, a gas blending simulator, a dangerous gas identifier, and Ohm and Volt meter plugs.  Featuring Divesoft’s own patented speed of sound helium measurement tool, the Divesoft Analyser HE/02 doesn't require and replacements parts, providing you with a professional piece of kit with zero maintenance costs. 


  • Durable design
  • Calibration Options: Single point / Three point 
  • Low maintenance cost
  • USB Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 
  • Safety switch 
  • Gas calculations in real-time
  • Built in gas calculator 
  • Warning alarm system
  • Dangerous gas mix warnings

Peli 1200 Protector Case (Red or Black)

Built to survive the most extreme environments the Peli™ Protector Case can be trusted to protect your most sensitive and valuable tools no matter where you are on earth. Watertight, rustproof and crush proof, this rugged and durable stainless steel design can will be as reliable in the cruel cold of the arctic as the relentless heat and sand of the Sahara. The Peli 1200 features a watertight silicone O-ring, an automatic purge valve for equalising air pressure and over-moulded rubber handles for extreme comfort and ease. 


  • 23.5 x 18.1 x 10.5 cm Interior 
  • Watertight, crushproof and dust-proof 
  • Strong and lightweight open cell core 
  • Easy opening double throw latch 
  • Automatic pressure equalisation valve
  • Handles: Over-moulded rubber


Upon connecting this module the HE/02 Analyser will automatically switch into the ‘measuring voltage’ mode. It can measure alternating voltage up to 28 V (RMS) and one way voltage up to 40 V with a 0.01V display resolution and an additional polarity indicator.


The Ohmmeter module switches the HE/02 Analyser mode to resistance measurement. Measure resistance in the range of 0-1000 ohms. 

Measuring Cables 

Replacement measuring cables for measuring resistance or voltage with an adapter.

Professional Flow Limiter 

Equipped with a reduction valve the professional flow limiter removes gas from the analysed cylinder at a constant flow, independent of the tank pressure. Sample gas from tans with even very low pressure to analyse residual gas before mixing a new mixture.

Connection Hose 

A replacement connection hose or inflator flow limiter for cylindrical low-pressure connection (5.8mm diameter).  

Analyzer Replacement parts 

Replacement o-rings and programming connector. 

Power source adapter with worldwide fittings 

Comes with replaceable fittings for the EU, UK and USA. Fittings for Australia and other countries are available upon request. 

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