• DiveR Freediving Fin Blades Carbon Innegra

DiveR Freediving Fin Blades - Carbon Innegra

$649.00 $685.00

Add Ocean Hunter Foot Pockets
Install Foot Pocket

The New Carbon Innegra DiveR Freediving Fin Blades are said to be the best available on the market. Super lightweight as you would expect from carbon blade, these are also extremely resistant to stress and impact. Soft yet incredibly responsive. 

The simple and classy design of the Carbon Innegra fin is hand crafted for precision. With a woven look to the design these are a great option for divers looking for an elegant and classic look for their fins. 

These fins are designed with high performance in mind with incredible mechanics and flexibility reducing strain on your leg muscles. Made possible only by using the best blended fibre spread available and loved by professional divers. 

Available with soft of medium flex, and with the option to add Ocean Hunter Foot pockets. 

Please note: at any time we have 10-20 pairs of DiveR fin blades in stock. If your blade is not in stock, it may take up to 3 weeks to be produced by DiveR (as DiveR produce these blades on demand). If you need your pair sooner, please call the store to check current stock of our wide range of composite and carbon blades before ordering.

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