• Cressi Reefline Deluxe Marseillaise Belt

Cressi Reefline Deluxe Marseillaise Belt

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The Cressi Reefline Deluxe Marseillaise Belt is made with French rubber and showcases a Marseillaise buckle (comprised of stainless steel). Thanks to its rubber composition, this belt will automatically adapt to changes in pressure during your dive, meaning that it will compress and expand similarly to your wetsuit and body on descents and ascents. This avoids the irritating loosening of weight belts on ascents, which results in slipping and discomfort. The belt will remain flush on your hips throughout the entirety of the dive.

During spearfishing or freediving, there is no time to stop and rearrange your weight belt at depth. These sports require concentration, and therefore having an uncomfortable, frustrating weight belt will purely distract from the situation. This high-quality product ensures that spearfishermen and freedivers can rely on a consistently snug-fitting weight belt for the whole dive.

Thanks to the high-level elastic properties of the weight belt, the product will compress with your wetsuit at depth, and expand when you ascend. In addition, the stainless-steel buckle is durable, and corrosion resistant. This increases longevity of the product, ensuring your weight belt will last you throughout your diving adventures. The secure grip allows for quick-release – which is safer and more secure.

This weight belt is 140cm in length, and is compatible with slotted weight blocks, or weight pouches which can be thread along the belt.


  • Manufactured with durable, stretchy French rubber
  • Includes a Marseillaise buckle (quick-release for safety purposes)
  • Stainless-steel buckle and rivets (corrosion resistant)
  • Can be used for multiple activities: freediving, scuba diving, or spearfishing
  • Elasticity allows the weight belt to compress and expand
  • Adapts to changes in depth/pressure
  • Avoids slipping from position
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Total length = 140cm

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