• Atomic Aquatics Z2 Regulators

Atomic Aquatics Z2 Regulators

$769.00 $880.00


The Z series is Atomic Aquatics signature compact and economical regulator package. The Z2 offers top performance and ergonomics with the quality and lifetime guarantee of all Atomic regs. The first stage features the Jet Seat high-flow piston and factory seal to stop outside contamination and has 7LP ports and 2 HP fixed ports. The second stage has the patented Automatic Flow Control and dual material second stage cover, which allows the whole front to be used as a purge button. Silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear resistant bite tabs make for a very comfy dive.

Top features:

  • Designed to be compact and economical
  • 2 year/ 300 dive service interval
  • Nitrox ready for 40%

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