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Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2 Dive Computer

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The air integrated Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2 console dive computer is easy to use with intuitive menus and its bright full colour display is extremely easy to read.

It features a powerful micro processor, an integrated compass, multigas mode (with up to 6 different gas mixes) and a self-explanatory menu, that is easy to use and master. It uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged by USB or AC (wall plug) and gives the diver up to 60 hours of dive time per charge (it discharged at about 1.5% per day).

It comes standard with a high pressure quick disconnect hose (so you can easily log your dives without having to take your whole regulator set with you) and has a massive logbook of up to 600 hours of diving installed. The powerful dive planner is easy to use as well (even for repetitive and multi-day diving) and it can do nitrox mixes up to 99%. It has an alti-meter as well, automatically adjusting for altitude dives.

Standard in the package is the quick disconnect hose, a zippered protective storage case, USB and wall charger.

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