• Aropec RG1013 / CY202B / Free Termo Gauge
  • Aropec RG1013 / CY202B / Twin Gauge

Aropec Regulator Set: RG1013 / CY202B Octopus & Free Termo Gauge

$499.00 $720.00

Assemble and Pressure Test

This regulator set includes Aropec’s RG1013 first stage, the CY202B second stage, the CY202B Octopus and a free termo gauge, where you have the choice between a simple SPG and a Twin Gauge. This is the ideal combo for every recreational diver, especially beginner divers.

We present to you the unbalanced piston first stage regulator, the Aropec RG1013, as a Yoke version with a brass body. It gives you 2 high pressure and 4 high pressure ports. The total travel weight of the first stage is 705g.

The non-adjustable second stage regulator, Aropec’s CY202B features a downstream demand valve with external air intake adjustment knob.

With this set, you also get to choose, if you want a simple Termo Gauge (included in the set for free), or if you want to upgrade your reg set to a Twin Gauge, to also have a depth meter on your console.

Top features:

  • Unbalanced piston first stage in a brass body
  • 1 high pressure and 4 high pressure ports
  • Downstream demand valve second stage


  • Aropec RG1013 First Stage
  • Aropec CY202B Second Stage
  • Aropec CY202B Octopus
  • SPG / Twin Gauge (+$39)
  • All hoses

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