• Configurable Hanger

Configurable Wetsuit and BCD Hanger

$18.00 $22.00


The easiest way to store your gear all in one place is by conveniently hanging it all on a single hanger!

The ends of the hanger detach so so you can change the hanger into a wetsuit hanger (ends facing down) or a BCD hanger (ends facing up). In the middle of the hanger you will find a specially moulded plug to either screw in your DIN regulator set or screw on your Yoke set, so you can hang your regulators up in the best possible position (first stage at the top and all hoses and second stages facing down). The separate hoogs will come in handy to hang up the rest of your accessories!

As the hanger is made of extra strong plastic, it can cope with extra heavy loads, such as heavy wet wetsuits or heavy BCDs.

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