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TUSA has been the number one brand for masks and snorkels for decades, due to their revolutionary designs and incredibly comfortable mask skirts. TUSA masks are the only masks that use the rounded skirt edge principle for a better seal and more comfort! Combine this with the new Freedom Technology, which offers superior fit and an even higher level of comfort, by using three specific design features: a dimpled skirt for extra softness, varied silicone thickness to reduce leakage and stability ridges to minimize the mask compression when water pressure increases. You have to feel it to believe it!

Mix and match the colours of your new TUSA Freedom CEOS, Elite, HD, One or Quad) mask with TUSA's stylish Solla fins! Or get a PRO version of the mask that features an anti-reflective and ultraviolet coating (up to twenty layers thick!) on the Crystalview Lens for even more colour, contrast and clarity underwater!


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