• Sharkskin Covert Chillproof Undergarment Womens

Sharkskin Covert Chillproof Undergarment Womens

$475.00 $560.00


The Sharkskin Covert Chillproof Undergarment has been designed to be used under a drysuit. The Chillproof 'hollow fibre' fleece in combination with enhanced wicking provides you with warmth. During surface intervals, the windproof membrane will keep you from cooling down extensively in between dives.

This undergarment features the Sharkskin’s covert concealment technology, which uses HECS conductive carbon fibres to conceal the electrical signals of your body. That way you can get closer to marine life. The suit further features a front zip for comfortable donning and doffing.

Top features:

  • Concealment technology: Covert HECS conductive carbon fibre
  • Chillproof 'hollow fibre' fleece and enhanced wicking
  • Windproof membrane ideal during surface intervals

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