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Scubapro Regulators

Scubapro are considered a pioneer in the evolution of regulators. With advanced technologies, Scubapro design their regulators with innovative features to always improve on their already great airflow and reliability. With your enjoyment and safety in mind, Scubapro set out to ensure the functionality of their regulator systems in all depths and dive conditions.

Scubapro equip some of the most respected divers, military forces, and public safety teams, which is why they take extra care when designing and testing their equipment. They strive for excellence in both recreational diving regulators as well as technical regulator systems. So when you are looking for a reliable reg that meets all the standards, then Scubapro regulators are the right choice for you.

Take Scubapro's best selling regulator combination for example, the S600 MK25 Evo, is an absolute top performer, which has won award after award! The MK25 Evo is a top class first stage which now also shines in colder waters due to the patented XTIS and the S600 is a light weight metal second stage and an excellent breather!

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