• Probe iDry Wetsuit 7mm Ladies

Probe iDry Wetsuit 7mm Ladies

$545.00 $649.00


Probe iDry 7mm Wetsuits keep you warm, are easy to put on and provide Probe's innovative quick dry technology which means your wetsuit will dry really quickly!

If you turn your Probe iDry 7mm inside out after your dive the inside of your suit will dry super fast, meaning you'll have a dry suit when you enter the water for your second dive.

The Probe iDry 7mm Wetsuit Ladies has been especially designed for women to ensure the most perfect fit, and 7 mm. neoprene will keep you nice and warm.

The Probe neoprene is very flexible which means it's easy to put on and take off, and very comfortable to wear.

Probe's iDry material is available for socks, hoods and gloves as well!

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