• Probe iDry Wetsuit 7mm Mens
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Probe iDry Wetsuit 7mm Mens

$575.00 $700.00


Probe iDry 7mm Mens wetsuits are super stretchy suits that are lined with an innovative quick-dry technology that dries your wetsuit super quick!

The Probe iDry wetsuits have the usual flexibility and stretchy material that are so comfortable like what you are used to with Probe wetsuits. Never step into a wet wetsuit again as Probe's 7mm. iDry suits are lined with Probe's Quick Dry Technology which allows your suit to dry very quick if you hang it to dry inside out after your dive. 

The suits come in a men's and women's version so you get the right fit for your body. 

Probe also offers iDry lining in hoods, boots and gloves if you are looking to get comfy in your entire diving outfit!

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