TUSA Liberator Sigma 2 Conquest Jasmine X-Wing BCD

Buoyancy Compensators

Whether you would like to buy a back inflation, jacket style or back plate and wing system, you have come to the right place! Nowadays many divers prefer a minimalist approach to diving to try and be a streamlined in the water as possible. Because of this reason the technology used by technical divers for decades has slowly made its way into the recreational diving market as well, with many brands now offering a back inflation BCD. The TUSA X-Wing back inflation BCD is one of the best back inflation recreational BCD on the market as it's robust, but has a very low profile!

The benefit of the jacket style BCDs is that you have lots of room to put accessories in and jackets inflate all around you, making sure you're super comfortable when you're fully inflated on the surface! The TUSA Liberator Sigma 2 is a great step in model, the Scubapro Bella is an amazing female BCD or have a look at the Scubapro X-Black BCD for a higher end model!

You will also find a few single tank harness systems in this section, as more and more recreational divers prefer a backplate and wing harness sytem. Choose an aluminium (light) or stainless steel (heavy) backplate for Light Monkey Harness System or even the colour of your harness on the HOG Harness System!

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